Hrad Červený Kameň

The castle possess 1729 historical items (in museum terminology – collection items) which makes 12,83 % of the total number of all collection items?

The historical library includes 14 312 books and we would need 286 m long shelf to store all the books?

The largest carpet from the museum collection has 44,12 m2 and it covers an area of the average two-rooms apartment?

In the year of our Lord 1751, a monk entered the Chapel beneath Red Stone? There were no doors even it had been standing for almost 6 years. At first, he seemed to be a simple monk – hermit. But the way he analyzed the unrendered altar was a signal that this poor God´s servant was accustomed to the higher standard. more:::.

The year 1961 was bad not only for the Burial Chapel itself but also for 13 members of the Palfi family buried inside? Sarcophagi with bodily remains placed within walls were pulled out of holes in May. Small coffin with a newborn baby was completely crushed. The other ones were broken as the offenders tried to get inside. Did they look for gold or jewellery? more:::.

Red Stone Castle should be originally situated at the different mountain of the Small Carpathians than it is today? In the 13th century Queen Konstancia had chosen a suitable area for its construction. It was the Mount Kukla, the large watcher of a valley situated in the Small Carpathians. The name of brook which flows through this area is Gidra. After digging out a basement and bringing building material very strange things started to happen. Some parts of a building already constructed in one day, were the following day replaced over the valley to the opposite mount. more:::.

A fish pond - nursery used to be at Red Stone? In 1535, both the castle and estate were purchased by the rich business family from the south-German town of Augsburg. Family members were very active in gaining a profit. Therefore, a new renaissance fortress was built in a big style at the place of gradually demolished old medieval castle. The primary goal of the family was a maximum economic independence of the estate. They established new manors, settled down dilapidated estates……built a system of fish ponds. more:::.